EPS is the electronic procurement system of AS Latvenergo (LEPS). Its main purpose is to ensure procurement organisation and management in a web-based environment. The system facilitates the work of both tenderers and the organisation’s procurement specialists.

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Description of the situation

Organising procurement is a complex and often disorganised process involving specialists from different departments. The volume of procurement documentation tends to be large and data management can become a major burden (a sea of decentralised files and emails). For these reasons, it is difficult to standardise the procurement process, and each specialist (within the same organisation) can carry out the process as they see fit. LEPS is a digital solution that fundamentally solves these difficulties – data flows are standardised and automated, notifying everyone involved. Data is centralised and available to the extent required by the user.

The system provides the organisation with the following:

  • standardised procurement process (procurement lifecycle – registration, announcement, submission of tenders, assessment of tenders, etc., status control),
  • supplier qualifications,
  • requests for quotations,
  • integration with other data and process management systems for full process automation,
  • automatic notification.

The system provides the suppliers with the following options:

  • to submit applications to the Latvenergo AS qualification system Construction Works and Services,
  • to submit tenders for construction works and services by qualified suppliers,
  • to announce requests for quotations,
  • to submit tenders in sub-threshold procurement procedures.

Technologies we used to create the ELECTRONIC PROCUREMENT SYSTEM solution:

iOS / android / cross-platform

Mobile apps

Business critical

Software development