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We have created an environment where we are happy and proud to be every day.



Uplifting environment

At Mitigate, mutual relations play a big role - Mitigate's work environment is based on trust both among colleagues and cooperation partners. We create growth-oriented technologies and take care of team spirit every day, listening to each other and making compromises in different situations. Some key values ​​that shape our environment:

Health & Sport

We believe that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and that sport is the healthiest addiction. It improves not only the physical shape, but also the general state of health and increases well-being, so we motivate our team to be active

Ambitious and comfortable environment

We are characterized by modern office premises in Jaunā Teika, flexible working hours and remote work options, a wide range of joint activities, participation in prestigious projects, a seasonal 'remote work house' in warm countries.

Professional and personal growth

The company supports colleagues' path to improvement by realizing their talents and potential. We offer various paid courses, books in paper and electronic format, joint events with an educational focus

Give others

Mitigate is a socially responsible company and willingly engages in various projects, including Start IT, supporting SOS children's centers, participates in the organization of youth development project Beat It, organizes actions such as Counting Steps for Charity or Charity Golf Tournament

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Perks and benefits






Versatile physical fitness training under the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist


Tennis lessons with a coach for different fitness levels - come even if you have never played! Take part in the annual tournament and win various motivating prizes

Swimming pool

Swimming lessons under the supervision of a coach for different levels of swimming skills

Squad Hour sports club

HIIT and strength training at a chic sports club next door in the middle of the work day. There are no excuses not to go and get in your best shape :)

Come with your idea!

Challenge yourself to an exciting boxing training session at the Rimi Olympic Center under the guidance of a seasoned trainer

Everyday Life in Mitigate

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Join Mitigate team

We have created an environment where we are happy and proud to be every day.