Fitsful is a local solution by Mitigate that makes it easy and convenient to organise small and medium-sized events with multiple attendees. The app is designed with sports events and tournaments in mind but is also a reliable companion when organising house parties or any other event.

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About the app

Organising an event with lots of attendees is usually a headache for the organiser. An event must take place at a certain time and place, with a certain number of people attending. Other times, the number of participants is variable. For example, when you want to play beach volleyball, doubles tennis, or visit the zoo but there are only 5 players?

How does it work?

All that is required to organise an event is to enter a description: specify the minimum and maximum number of participants, invite an unlimited number of participants, and set a deadline for responses.

Self-organisation of participants

Participants are offered the option to accept or decline the invitation when they receive it, and an additional reminder is also sent shortly before the deadline for responses. Once the data has been entered, the event is scheduled and participants receive a notification. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the event is cancelled.

Automatic organisation

When planning an event, there is an option to set limits on the number of participants in the app. For example, not less than four and not more than ten. If at least four participants have registered, the event will be confirmed and participants will be notified accordingly. If an event has a fixed number of participants, the minimum and maximum number should be the same. For example, four to plan a tennis doubles match, or a dinner for four.

Technologies we used to create the FITSFUL solution:

iOS / android / cross-platform

Mobile apps

Business critical

Software development