The European Youth Parliament portal

The European Youth Parliament is a peer-to-peer educational programme that inspires and empowers young people from across Europe to be open-minded, tolerant and active citizens. Organisation provides participants with a forum to develop and express their opinions on a wide range of topics.

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We need a new platform

At the heart of the organisation are regular events that happen worldwide and volunteers needed a custom platform that would help them organise events, gather participants and facilitate peer-to-peer reviews after the event. Mitigate has a long-term relationship with EYP, helping organise events in the past and when the organisation has approached us with an IT challenge - we were eager to help. The Old Members platform was written on the Drupal framework, which was a bad technical decision from the beginning, unable to facilitate custom needs of EYP.

Platform now is used by more than 30 000 EYP volunteers to help then organise around 500 events yearly.

    We have successfully migrated users to the brand platform and have laid a powerful foundation for the organisation to implement new custom features in the future. Project will soon be published as an open source project for any tech-savvy EYP volunteer to implement features of their desire.

As a result we have created a custom platform on Ruby on Rails with ReactJS frontend and GraphQL API. Features:

  • Managing events,
  • Creating open calls to apply for different event roles,
  • Organising selection panels to evaluate applications,
  • Forming teams,
  • Processes for automatic peer-to-peer review request after the event end, based on participants roles,
  • Organisation BI features.

Technologies we used to create the The European Youth Parliament portal solution:

iOS / android / cross-platform

Mobile apps

Business critical

Software development