BATIS mobile app

The application gives a student everything they need in one app - starting from the timetable and grades to the applications for elective courses and permits.

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Client: Turība University

In 2019, within the framework of the European Social Fund project “Development of management in Turiba University” (“Pārvaldības uzlabošana Biznesa augstskolā Turība”), Turība University has received funding for the improvement of the management processes and tools of the University, including the development of a mobile application. The proposal of Mitigate in the open tender has been elected as the best, giving us the right to develop a multifunctional application for students.

During the one-year-long development process, jointly with Turība University, we have created a functionally complete mobile application for university students.


The multifunctional home screen allows students to learn about all the news at the university, their grades and upcoming classes. A personalised lesson view allows one to view the classes on a weekly basis and add them to the device calendar. Important things like grades, contacts, and messages are also just one click away.

Multifunkcionāls home ekrāns ļauj studentiem iepazīties ar visiem jaunumiem universitātē, atzīmēm un tuvākajām nodarbībām. Personalizēts nodarbību skats ļauj iepazīties ar tām nedēļas griezumā un pievienot nodarbības savam ierīces kalendāram. Kā arī būtiskas lietas kā sekmes, kontakti un ziņojumi ir pieejami viena klikšķa attālumā.

The most functionally complete University mobile app

The production app version contains about 60 different views that include everything one can imagine. University news, timetables, study plans and assignments, payments, surveys, a variety of applications and submissions, etc. Now we can surely say that Turība University students can perform any activity using our solution.








Compatibility with existing system

One of the main challenges was to build an API communication channel based on the existing system, where the logic parts were divided between MS SQL stored procedures and some validation processes in the web application. Together with the IT team of Turība University, we have built middleware, which is a Node.js server with GraphQL API.

Using the Apollo GraphQL libraries in middleware and mobie application, we managed to implement typization into our React Native application using automatic type generation from a GraphQL schema. This provides the highest reliability for non-typed React Native applications. With this product Mitigate helped Turība University to become one of the most technically advanced universities in Latvia.

Technologies we used to create the BATIS mobile app solution:

iOS / android / cross-platform

Mobile apps



Web Frontend Development


Backend Software Development