AI for traditional business

Ingus Skaistkalns
Ingus Skaistkalns
27 October, 2023 | 8 mins

E-commerce is straightforward - it's all digital, suited for AI-driven automation and content creation. But pinpointing AI's potential in traditional businesses is trickier. Why? Historically, innovative ideas emerged in human brains. But when an idea or intelligent solution can be generated in a computer… that could be a huge potential for improvements of efficiency.

We've heard and read enough of vague theories. Instead, we at Mitigate have brainstormed practical ideas for traditional businesses to leverage Generative AI. Here are a few ideas from our list. Dive in, and hey, go easy on the judgment!

Recipe generation for restaurants

Restaurants can harness generative AI to craft new, unique recipes. By inputting ingredients they have in excess or wish to promote, they can produce fresh menu items, enhancing the dining experience and optimizing inventory usage. Also calories calculations and proportions can be calculated better than by people.

Financial gain calculation (guesstimate):

  • For a person it can take up to 2 days to create a new menu with 10 meal options.
  • For a Generative AI that would take 1 minute.
  • Gain: 16 hours per month. If you change the menu every month, you can save up to 192 hours annually.

Event planning assistance

Generative AI can be used by event venues to suggest event themes, decor ideas, and seating arrangements based on the client's preferences and the nature of the event, ensuring unique and memorable occasions.

Financial gain calculation (guesstimate):

  • For a person it can take up to 3 days to develop event theme with descriptions and necessary decoration items list.
  • For a Generative AI that would take 1 minute.
  • Gain: 24 hours per event. If a venue has 4 events per month, the venue owner/operator can save up 1’152 hours annually.

Semi-automated newsletters for local governments

Local community centers can leverage generative AI to create localized newsletters. By feeding in local events and announcements, the AI can create monthly or weekly newsletters.

Financial gain calculation (guesstimate):

  • For a person it can take up to 5 days to develop monthly newsletter.
  • For a Generative AI that would take 30 minutes.
  • Gain: 39 hours per month. If a local government publishes a newsletter every month, the local community center can save up 468 hours annually.

Onboarding & training assistants for factory workers

New employees can interact with an generative AI chatbot tailored for the manufacturing industry. They can ask questions about company protocols, machinery operations, safety guidelines, etc., making the onboarding process smoother and ensuring all relevant information is readily available. The same chatbot also would able to answer questions about current orders and elements to be produced.

Financial gain calculation (guesstimate):

  • For a person to find information can take up to 5 minutes per learning or onboarding session.
  • For a Generative AI that would take 30 seconds.
  • Gain: If you have 100 factory workers and each needs 4 sessions per month, you would save up to 33 hours per month and 396 hours annually.

Construction site automated reporting

By feeding daily input data from site managers, Generative AI can generate thorough end-of-day or end-of-week construction reports, highlighting progress, challenges, and recommendations.

Financial gain calculation (guesstimate):

  • For a person to write a report can take up to 10 minutes per construction site.
  • For a Generative AI that would take 2 minutes.
  • Gain: If you have 5 sites, and write daily reports, that would take 8,3 hours per month. You would save 182 hours annually.

A Hotel virtual concierge

Assist guests with queries, bookings, and services 24/7. Especially the ones who already checked-in - get wifi credentials, ask for a menu, get info about SPA and restaurants, etc.

Financial gain calculation (guesstimate):

  • For a person answer to answer 100 questions per day can take up to 200 minutes.
  • For a Generative AI that would take 1 minutes.
  • Gain: 3000 questions per month would take up to 100 hours per month. You could save up to 1’200 hours annually.

We will gradually publish more use cases, where traditional businesses can earn more or save by leveraging Generative AI. Stay tuned 👾

🤖 And, of course, if you would like to talk about how AI could be useful in your business, get in touch.